Fave Movie: Dead Poets Society, The Wizard of Oz and Moulin Rouge, Beetlejuice, Pete's Dragon

Fave Director: Tim Burton and Baz Luhrman

Fave Food:  Pasta (Fettucini), Powerberries

Fave Current Song: "Rise Up" by Andre Day, "Fight Song" by Rachel Platt, Brave by Sara Bareillis and Say Something by Great Big World featuring Christina

Fave TV Show: 13 Reasons Why, The Handmaids Tale, All CW DC Shows, Supernatural, Family Guy, The Strain

Fave Cartoon: The Smurfs

Fave Actor: Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Tom Hanks 

Fave Actress: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence, Hale Berry

Biggest Pet Peeve: People Who Are Rude, Bad Drivers, Ungrateful people

Dream Role: Jim Henson!!!!-World War II Film or anything with Tim Burton or Baz, Disney Voice