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  • Amazing new shots by Arthur and Jay over at LA and Austin Based Photographer and Makeup Artist

  • Hollywood South is Back! Films and Television constantly filming with great Covid Restrictions in place

  • Grateful for my team over at Landrum Arts-Truly the hardest working Agency that feels like a family!

Josh is southern charm mixed and New York edge. His vulnerability is easily conveyed by his goofiness and charm. His lanky frame is comparable to actors of the golden age like Anthony Perkins, Dick Van Dyke, Bob Denver to actors of today like Jim Carey, Adrian Brody, Daniel Day Lewis. His dark features cast him across the gamut from Middle Eastern, to Eastern European, to American. He can just as easily be sinister, dark, haunting as well as goofy, fun loving, and charismatic. A likable guy all around.

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out!" Dr. Seuss

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