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Josh Carpenter grew up the youngest of five children in what is known as the "Rose Capital of the Nation", Tyler, Texas. A city known for producing many artists, athletes, and some historical moments in history. He shares the same birthday June 27 with fellow artist Will Jennings, from Tyler, Texas who is responsible for the lyrics to the massive hit song "My Heart Will Go On". Most of his life he could be seen acting in musicals and plays at the local Brickstreet Theatre where he was mentored by Ivah Albright, someone he looked up to and admired. It was at this theater that he was discovered by the talent scout Peter Sklar who heads up a prestigious acting workshop, Beginnings, responsible for the start of many careers. This only encouraged Josh to pursue his acting whole heartedly. He would end up attending Beginnings 4 more times after that which only sealed the deal for him that this is what he was born to do. After his mentor Ivah passed away suddenly of cancer shortly after he graduated high school, Josh decided to stop pursuing acting and attend college while he coped with this loss that hit him hard, but after a few years in college, he began to get anxious and he moved to NYC where he would meet his next mentor Matthew Corozine. Matt took Josh under his wing and helped him get to the truth and heart of the actor he was. Also dabbing a little here and there in the musical theater world, Josh joined a children's show off Broadway, which years prior saw John Ritter in the same role as well as workshops of musicals and black box performances. After 8 years in NYC, Josh began to realize that film and television is more of what he wanted. He would do some student films,Indies and featured roles on popular TV shows there, but it wasn't filling this ache he had. So he packed up all he owned and headed to much warmer climate, Los Angeles. After only 3 months of moving there he booked his first national commercial for a Budweiser Superbowl spot 2008. He has gone on to do many great projects and work with many great people, directors, crew, writers, actors, singers, casting directors, etc. He looks forward to the next projects he gets to work on, the next casting director he gets to meet, and the next people he gets to work with. He is currently repped by the amazing team over at Landrum Arts Talent.  Josh is currently making his mark in the south where he lives with his other half  and their 2 pups Nami and Jasper. 

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